Denise Bryan


...and the time is now

This exhibition project, shown at The Oriental Museum in Durham and Babylon Gallery, Ely, resulted from research made during a fifteen month trip along the Silk Road. There was an installation, a bank of old analogue televisions showing five separate video sequences with a soundscape eminating from speakers and pre recordable megaphones. The soundscape was made up of field recordings collected during the Silk Road journey, as were the moving image and stills contained in the video sequences. The material used also related to objects in the Museum. The piece was inspired by the Sunday Market in Hotan, Western China. A number of photographs taken during the trip formed a link with the museum collection. At Babylon the work was contextualised by a display of Silk from the Silk Museum in Macclesfield and an image of The Oriental Museum. There was also a performance, using sounds from Ely and from the Silk Road. Watch the video sequence.

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